Adam Sandler Advises Daughters: Learn Acting from Carey Mulligan

Adam Sandler

“From Adam Sandler’s lips to his daughters’ ears: Learn the craft from Carey Mulligan. Spaceman’s stars share more than the screen.”

Adam Sandler, renowned for his comedic prowess, offers pragmatic advice to his daughters Sadie and Sunny, who aspire to follow in his footsteps into the world of acting: Look to the performances of Carey Mulligan for guidance and inspiration. Mulligan, Sandler’s co-star in the Netflix sci-fi drama “Spaceman,” is lauded for her talent and range, making her an ideal role model for budding actors.

In “Spaceman,” Sandler embodies the character of Jakub, an astronaut undertaking a solitary mission in the vast expanse of outer space. Meanwhile, Mulligan portrays Lenka, Jakub’s pregnant wife, whose struggles with the dynamics of their relationship on Earth unfold against the backdrop of Jakub’s interstellar journey. Mulligan’s portrayal of Lenka brims with emotional depth and complexity, earning her critical acclaim and a coveted Best Actress nomination at the Oscars for her role in “Maestro.”

Sandler emphasizes the importance of studying Mulligan’s performances as a means of learning and growth in the craft of acting. By observing Mulligan’s nuanced approach to character development and her ability to inhabit diverse roles, Sadie and Sunny can glean valuable insights into the artistry and technique required to excel in their chosen field.

The narrative arc of “Spaceman” further underscores Mulligan’s talent, as she navigates Lenka’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment amidst the challenges of her relationship with Jakub. Mulligan’s ability to convey raw emotion and vulnerability resonates deeply with audiences, showcasing her ability to breathe life into complex characters with authenticity and depth.

Sandler’s advice serves as a testament to Mulligan’s impact in the industry and highlights the importance of seeking inspiration from accomplished peers. By studying Mulligan’s performances, Sadie and Sunny can embark on their own artistic journeys with a greater understanding of the craft and a heightened appreciation for the transformative power of storytelling through acting.

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