Ashley Graham’s Closet Under Construction: A Sneak Peek in Underwear and Business Wisdom

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham, the 36-year-old model and body positivity advocate, recently treated her followers to an exclusive glimpse into the construction process of her upcoming closet via a video shared on her Instagram account. The revealing post, which featured Graham energetically clad in a black bra and underwear set, showcased not only the ongoing renovations but also the model’s contagious excitement for the project.

In the video, Graham humorously greeted her followers from within the evolving closet, setting a lively tone for the update. Donning her undergarments, she laughed and shared her enthusiasm about the construction work, emphasizing the word “construction” with a playful singsongy voice and jazz hands. Behind her, the footage displayed floor-to-ceiling shelving covered in dust guards, signaling the transformation underway.

Throughout the video, Graham expressed her anticipation for the completion of her closet, envisioning it as a soon-to-be beautiful space. Her charisma and genuine excitement resonated with viewers, making the behind-the-scenes look into her personal life engaging and relatable.

Beyond the construction update, Graham took the opportunity to share valuable business advice she received from Marshawn Evans. This unexpected twist in the video added depth to the content, showing Graham’s commitment not only to showcasing her personal life but also to offering meaningful insights to her audience.

Ashley Graham's

The advice Graham highlighted was not limited to the business realm but was framed as universally applicable to significant life decisions. This unexpected layer of wisdom injected into the video revealed a more profound intention behind Graham’s social media presence, positioning her as more than just a model but also as a mentor and source of inspiration for her followers.

Graham’s decision to share this personal and constructive moment in her life aligns with her ongoing efforts to promote body positivity and authenticity on social media. By showcasing her closet construction, she invites followers into a relatable journey of home improvement, fostering a sense of connection and shared experiences.

In essence, Ashley Graham’s Instagram post serves as more than just a peek into her home renovation; it’s a celebration of growth, personal development, and the joy found in both the mundane and transformative aspects of life. Through her lively and genuine portrayal of the closet construction process, combined with the unexpected touch of business advice, Graham continues to leave a positive impact on her followers, turning her social media platform into a space for inspiration, encouragement, and shared moments of life’s journey.

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