Get Celebrity Style on a Budget: Wide-Leg Jeans Picks from $20 at Walmart

Jennifer Lopez

Wide-leg jeans are making a fashionable comeback, drawing attention from celebrities like Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, and Joanna Gaines. These loose-fitting denim styles offer a blend of comfort and chicness, attracting those who may have wearied of the ubiquitous skinny jeans. With their recent appearances in celebrity fashion, the allure of wide-leg jeans has only grown stronger.

Katie Holmes showcased her affinity for the trend by sporting light wash wide-leg jeans at a recent event, while Jennifer Lopez opted for tailored bootcut denim paired with a sophisticated brown blazer. Even Joanna Gaines has been spotted embracing this relaxed yet stylish look. Their endorsements of wide-leg jeans have sparked a surge in interest, prompting fashion enthusiasts to seek similar styles.

Fortunately, one doesn’t need a celebrity budget to achieve this coveted look. Walmart offers an array of wide-leg jeans, with prices starting as low as $20. From well-known brands like Levi’s to affordable options such as Free Assembly and Gloria Vanderbilt, there’s something for every taste and budget.

For those seeking a Katie Holmes-inspired ensemble, the Gloria Vanderbilt High-Rise Wide-Leg Pleated Jeans, priced at $25, offer a striking resemblance to her favored style. Featuring a light wash and pleated-front design, these jeans exude both sophistication and versatility, thanks to their high-rise, wide-leg fit and tailored hem.

If Jennifer Lopez’s chic yet laid-back aesthetic is more your style, consider the Levi’s Original Red Tab Classic Bootcut Jeans, available for $48.65 (originally $69.50). With a tailored mid-rise design and stretch fabric for comfort, these jeans strike a perfect balance between elegance and ease. They can effortlessly transition from a polished look with a blazer to a more casual ensemble, similar to Lopez’s fashion choices.

Meanwhile, for those inspired by Joanna Gaines’s timeless appeal, the Free Assembly Patch Pocket Wide-Leg Jeans, priced at $29, offer a relaxed fit and retro flair. These jeans feature patch pockets and a button-zip design, reminiscent of Gaines’s effortlessly chic style. Shoppers have praised them for their flattering fit and leg-lengthening effect.

In conclusion, wide-leg jeans have captured the attention of fashion-forward celebrities and consumers alike, offering a comfortable yet stylish alternative to traditional denim silhouettes. With affordable options readily available at Walmart, anyone can emulate the effortlessly cool looks of their favorite stars without breaking the bank.

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