Nicola Peltz Beckham and Brooklyn’s Parenthood Aspirations: A Glimpse into Their Family Plans

Nicola Peltz

“Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham: Building a future filled with love, laughter, and a growing family, one step at a time.

Nicola Peltz Beckham and her husband Brooklyn Beckham have been open about their aspirations for parenthood, hinting at a desire for a sizable family. Nicola, 29, shared her thoughts on their familial plans in an interview with Nylon, highlighting Brooklyn’s eagerness to embrace fatherhood. She expressed admiration for his enthusiasm, noting that he has been vocal about his readiness to become a dad whenever she feels prepared.

Brooklyn, who has previously expressed his desire for a large family, once told ET in August 2022 that he’s keen on starting a family at a young age. He even humorously mentioned his willingness to have as many as ten children. Nicola responded warmly to his comments, describing them as “really sweet” in an interview with ET shortly after.

The couple appears to share a mutual interest in expanding their family beyond biological children, expressing a desire to also explore adoption. Nicola’s background growing up with seven siblings seems to have influenced their outlook on family size, with Brooklyn finding joy in being surrounded by her large, close-knit family.

Despite their aspirations for parenthood, Nicola emphasized that they haven’t set a strict timeline for starting a family. Currently, their focus is on caring for their five dogs, which they cherish deeply. Nicola humorously admitted that sometimes she finds herself marveling at their pets, appreciating their presence and perfection.

While the couple hasn’t revealed when they’ll take the plunge into parenthood, their shared enthusiasm and affection for the idea suggest that when the time comes, they’ll embrace the journey with open hearts and a commitment to creating a loving and inclusive family environment.

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