Ten Hag: Some Players Struggle with the Manchester United Pressure

Ten Hag

In a recent statement, Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag addressed the challenges some players face when representing the iconic football club. While acknowledging the immense pressure associated with playing for Manchester United, Ten Hag emphasized that signing for the club remains “the best challenge” for any footballer. The manager shed light on the situations of Donny van de Beek and Jadon Sancho, both high-profile signings who have faced difficulties during their time at Old Trafford.

The High Pressure at Manchester United:

According to Ten Hag, the pressure of playing for Manchester United is exceptionally high, making it a tough environment compared to almost any other team. He highlighted that dealing with such pressure is a crucial aspect of being part of the club, and success depends on the player’s confidence, character, and personality.

Van de Beek and Sancho’s Loan Moves:

Donny van de Beek’s loan move to Eintracht Frankfurt and Jadon Sancho’s return to Borussia Dortmund on loan were recent decisions made by Ten Hag. Both players arrived at Manchester United with impressive reputations – Van de Beek was on a Ballon d’Or shortlist before his £35m move from Ajax in 2020, while Sancho was considered one of the most promising young players in Europe when he joined in a £73m deal from Dortmund in 2021.

Ten Hag’s Perspective on Player Performance:

The Manchester United manager emphasized that when high-profile signings don’t work out, it’s not always the fault of the club. He placed responsibility on the players, citing the tough nature of the Premier League. According to him, the individual’s confidence and ability to handle pressure play a significant role in succeeding at Manchester United.

Challenges Faced by Van de Beek and Sancho:

Ten Hag discussed the challenges faced by Van de Beek and Sancho during their time at Old Trafford. Van de Beek, who excelled under Ten Hag at Ajax, struggled to secure a regular place in the United midfield due to a series of injuries. Sancho, after a promising start, experienced a dip in form, leading to his exclusion from the England squad.

In conclusion, Erik ten Hag’s comments shed light on the unique challenges associated with playing for Manchester United. While acknowledging the high pressure, he reiterates that it remains the best challenge for players who have confidence in themselves. The loan moves for Van de Beek and Sancho indicate the manager’s strategic decisions to address their individual situations and provide them with opportunities elsewhere. The success of players at Manchester United, according to Ten Hag, depends on their character, personality, and ability to handle the intense demands of the club.

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