BELIFT LAB Confirms Lineup Change for K-pop Girl Group I’LL-IT: Youngseo’s Departure and Five-Member Debut

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In a recent announcement, BELIFT LAB, a subsidiary of HYBE LABELS, confirmed a significant lineup change for the highly anticipated K-pop girl group I’LL-IT. The group, which was initially formed through the survival reality program “R U Next?” that aired on JTBC in September 2023, will now debut with five members, excluding Youngseo.

The departure of Youngseo from I’LL-IT was officially confirmed by BELIFT LAB on January 5. According to the statement, the decision to part ways was the result of extensive discussions about the group’s future, culminating in a mutual agreement between the agency and Youngseo to terminate her exclusive contract. Youngseo, who had secured the second position overall during the reality show, will not be part of I’LL-IT’s debut lineup.

The remaining members set to make their debut are Wonhee, Minju, Iroha, Moka, and Yunah. Each member gained recognition during the survival reality program, contributing to the heightened anticipation surrounding I’LL-IT’s debut.

BELIFT LAB expressed its unwavering commitment to supporting I’LL-IT’s debut and future endeavors, emphasizing its dedication to the success of the group despite the lineup change. The agency extended its best wishes to Youngseo for her future plans, urging the public to avoid spreading speculations or misunderstandings regarding the matter.

Lineup changes are not uncommon in the dynamic landscape of K-pop, and BELIFT LAB’s handling of Youngseo’s departure signals a focus on ensuring a positive atmosphere around I’LL-IT’s debut. Fans of the group and Youngseo alike will be eager to witness how the remaining members will navigate their debut and how Youngseo will carve her path in the entertainment industry.

As I’LL-IT prepares to make its mark on the K-pop scene, this lineup change adds an extra layer of intrigue and anticipation to the group’s journey, making their debut even more eagerly awaited by fans and industry enthusiasts alike.

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