Drake’s Million-Dollar Bet: Jake Paul’s Unfortunate Boxing Loss and the Ongoing Drake Curse


Canadian rapper Drake finds himself in the spotlight once again, facing criticism for a significant bet that could have netted him over $1 million. The bet was placed on the outcome of a boxing match between social media star Jake Paul and Tyson Fury’s half-brother, Tommy Fury. Unfortunately for Drake, Paul suffered his first boxing loss on Sunday night, with Fury securing a split decision victory.

Drake had placed the bet on the crypto platform Stake, backing Jake Paul to defeat Tommy Fury. If Paul had emerged victorious, Drake stood to cash in a substantial sum, adding another layer of intrigue to the already high-stakes bout. However, the outcome took a turn against the rapper’s favor, as Fury clinched the victory with two judges scoring the fight 76-73 in his favor, while the third judge scored it 75-74 for Paul.

The fight itself was a closely contested eight-round battle, part of the ESPN+ pay-per-view event held in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. The match showcased moments of intense action, with both fighters landing significant blows. In the earlier rounds, Paul demonstrated his jabbing skills and clinching tactics, but Fury’s resilience and effective punching gradually turned the tide in his favor.

Fury’s strategy included exploiting his reach advantage, landing more punches, and showcasing his overall boxing prowess. Despite some deductions for both fighters due to fouls, Fury’s ability to capitalize on Paul’s mistakes and control the latter rounds played a crucial role in securing the split-decision victory.

The loss marks a setback for Jake Paul, who had previously gained attention for his victories against various opponents, including fellow YouTubers, an NBA player, and MMA fighters. The defeat, however, sets the stage for a highly anticipated rematch between Paul and Fury, initially planned for December 2021 but postponed due to Fury’s rib injury.

Drake’s involvement in sports betting has been marred by the so-called “Drake curse,” a phenomenon where teams and individuals he supports tend to experience misfortune. This trend has affected prominent figures like Serena Williams, the Golden State Warriors, the Toronto Raptors, Conor McGregor, and Tyson Fury himself. Drake’s penchant for backing the losing side, whether in basketball or boxing, has led to substantial losses, and his recent bet on Jake Paul adds another chapter to this curious narrative.

Despite the setbacks in his betting endeavors, Drake remains passionate about boxing. He has invested in a 30-person training team to enhance his own boxing skills, expressing aspirations of becoming a world champion someday. However, his own foray into the boxing ring has been met with mixed success, with a record of 24-176-5 against often overmatched opponents.

As the rematch between Jake Paul and Tyson Fury looms on the horizon, both fighters aim to settle their rivalry in a highly anticipated showdown. With a solid following on social media, these bouts attract global attention, creating a platform for redemption and bragging rights. Whether Drake’s betting luck will turn in the next match remains uncertain, but the anticipation surrounding the rematch promises another thrilling chapter in the evolving narrative of celebrity boxing.

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