Killer Mike Breaks Silence After Grammy Incident: Confident in Exoneration

Killer Mike

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike has broken his silence following an incident at the 2024 Grammys where he was handcuffed and questioned by police. This occurred after he secured several awards during the pre-telecast ceremony, including Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance for “Scientist & Engineers,” and Best Rap Album for “Michael.”

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that Killer Mike was detained due to a physical altercation that took place at the 700 block of Chick Hearn Court. However, Killer Mike has since released a statement explaining the situation from his perspective.

In his statement shared with PEOPLE, Killer Mike described the confusion surrounding which door he and his team should enter, leading to the altercation with an over-zealous security guard. Despite the ordeal, he expressed utmost confidence that he will ultimately be cleared of any wrongdoing. He thanked his fans and colleagues for their concern and support, stating that he is “better than OK.”

Aside from addressing the Grammy incident, Killer Mike shared personal news of a significant win following the ceremony. He revealed that his son, who has been awaiting a kidney match for years, has finally found a match. This positive development brought elation to Killer Mike and his family amid the challenging circumstances.

Despite being charged with a misdemeanor, Killer Mike’s team remains steadfast in their belief that he will be exonerated once the full facts of the case are revealed. They assert that he did not commit the alleged offense and express gratitude for the support received from loved ones and fans during this trying time.

On social media, Killer Mike extended thanks to his wife, Shay, and others closest to him for their unwavering support. The rapper’s resilience in the face of adversity reflects his determination to overcome obstacles and continue pursuing his passions.

In conclusion, Killer Mike’s statement underscores his confidence in his innocence and his appreciation for the outpouring of support from those around him. As he navigates through this challenging chapter, he remains focused on his music and family, finding strength in their unwavering support.

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