Selena Gomez Reveals Why “Wildest Dreams” is her Ultimate Taylor Swift Favorite

Selena Gomez


In an exclusive revelation during her guest-hosting gig on “Sirius XM Hits 1,” Selena Gomez opened up about her unwavering admiration for her longtime best friend Taylor Swift and singled out “Wildest Dreams” as the ultimate standout among Swift’s extensive catalog of hits.

Selena’s Endorsement:

Describing “Wildest Dreams” as potentially one of Taylor Swift’s best songs, Gomez expressed her deep appreciation for the track’s impeccable composition. She praised the song’s lyrical prowess, highlighting its emotional depth and resonant melodies. For Selena, the song’s quality transcends genres and moods, making it a timeless favorite that she doesn’t hesitate to blast, regardless of her current emotional state.

Musical Craftsmanship:

Gomez’s commentary delves into the intricate details that make “Wildest Dreams” stand out. She commended the song’s overall execution, emphasizing the meticulous attention to detail evident in both the lyrics and melodies. This endorsement provides insight into the musical craftsmanship that has earned the song a special place in Gomez’s heart.

Personal Connection:

While Selena Gomez didn’t explicitly delve into a personal connection with “Wildest Dreams,” it’s evident that the song holds a unique significance for her. Music often becomes intertwined with personal experiences, memories, and emotions, and Selena’s choice to label it as one of her favorites suggests a deeper connection beyond its artistic merit.

Selena’s DJ Choices:

In addition to Taylor Swift, Selena showcased her diverse musical taste during her DJ session, featuring tracks by Doja Cat, Frank Sinatra, and Ariana Grande. She shared her enthusiasm for Ariana Grande’s music, revealing that she finds empowerment and joy in her songs. This snippet provides a glimpse into Gomez’s broader musical preferences and highlights her as a versatile music enthusiast.


Selena Gomez’s endorsement of “Wildest Dreams” as one of Taylor Swift’s best songs sheds light on the intricate musical elements that make it a standout for her. While not explicitly detailing a personal connection, Gomez’s praise for the song’s craftsmanship and her inclination to play it in any mood reflects the universal appeal of a well-crafted piece of music. With her diverse DJ choices, Selena showcases her eclectic taste in music, offering fans a glimpse into the soundtrack that accompanies her life.

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