Draymond Green’s Return to the Golden State Warriors: A Comeback After 12-Game Suspension

Draymond Green's


The Golden State Warriors’ narrative took a notable turn as veteran forward Draymond Green made a triumphant return to the team after serving a 12-game suspension imposed by the NBA. Green’s presence on the court and at team facilities marked a significant moment in the ongoing season, raising questions about the impact of his return on team dynamics and performance.

Suspension Chronicles:

The saga began on December 13 when the NBA announced an indefinite ban on Green, a day after an on-court incident where he struck center Jusuf Nurkic during a game against the Phoenix Suns. The league’s decision cast a cloud over Green’s immediate future, leaving fans and analysts speculating about the length and consequences of the suspension.

Reinstatement Jubilation:

The cloud lifted on Saturday as the league officially reinstated Green, signaling the end of his 12-game suspension. Fans, teammates, and coaching staff alike were excited to see the return of one of the team’s key leaders. Green’s presence on the bench during the Warriors’ game against the Toronto Raptors on Sunday was not just a symbolic gesture; it marked the beginning of his reintegration into the team.

Coach Kerr’s Take:

Ahead of the game against the Raptors, coach Steve Kerr expressed his enthusiasm about Green’s return. Kerr emphasized Green’s leadership role and the positive energy he brings to the team, stating, “Everybody is excited to see him. He’s one of our leaders, and he’s happy to be back. So it’s a good vibe.” Kerr’s words underscored the significance of Green’s influence not just on the court but also in fostering a positive team culture.

On-Court Observations: Green, at 33, was not a mere spectator during the game against the Raptors. He actively participated in the Warriors’ walk-through and was visibly engaged on the bench, contributing to team huddles during timeouts. Despite the team’s loss, Green’s mere presence seemed to inject a renewed spirit into the Warriors, setting the stage for what lies ahead.

Reintegration Timeline:

While Green is back with the team, the process of returning to regular gameplay is expected to take approximately one week. Sources close to the team revealed that Green will work closely with the Warriors’ trainer, Rick Celebrini, focusing on aspects such as shooting sessions, scrimmages, and other basketball-related activities. Coach Kerr commented on the uncertainty of the exact timeline, stating, “He’ll work with Rick every day. Get lots of shots up, scrimmage, but I have no idea when all of that will be.”

Upcoming Challenges:

As Green prepares to fully reintegrate into the lineup, the Warriors face a challenging schedule with a back-to-back road trip against the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks, followed by a game against the Memphis Grizzlies. The timing of Green’s return strategically aligns with these crucial matchups, providing an opportunity for the Warriors to capitalize on his skill set and leadership.

Team Performance During Absence:

The Warriors navigated a 7-5 record during Green’s suspension, showcasing the team’s resilience in adapting to the temporary void. However, his absence was palpable, raising questions about the impact on team dynamics and performance. With Green back in the mix, the team aims to regain its momentum and solidify its position in the highly competitive Western Conference.


Draymond Green’s return to the Golden State Warriors after a 12-game suspension is a storyline that captivates fans and pundits alike. Beyond the on-court contributions, Green’s leadership and energy are expected to play a pivotal role in shaping the team’s trajectory. As the Warriors embark on the next phase of the season, the narrative will unfold, showcasing the resilience of a team that welcomes back a key component in its pursuit of success.

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